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As of today, a forum manager can set a URL for RSS feed, and new items in that feed will be published as new messages on the forum.

<![CDATA[New section: Follow your favourite TV shows]]> http://www.gvsquare.com/forums/f_7/m46426.html By: GV² Support

Ever missed an episode on your favourite TV show and coudn't remember which one was it?

Now you can follow your TV shows and easily mark which one you wached.

Access via main screen or directly from here.


Must be a registered user to use.

<![CDATA[No cost to set up a forum!]]> http://www.gvsquare.com/forums/f_7/m40498.html By: GV² Support

As soon as google approves your request for an adsense account you can start earning money. If you have AdSense account already, you can have it from day one.

As soon as you implement the AdSense into the discussion forum, we start presenting your ads on the forum 50% of the time. The more visitors you have on the forum, the more chance to generate revenue with AdSense.

More about AdSense:

<![CDATA[revenue]]> http://www.gvsquare.com/forums/f_7/m40458.html By: wayne*

How soon after implementation does one earn revenue from a discussion forum? What are the costs to me to set up a forum?

<![CDATA[New feature - forum interface color]]> http://www.gvsquare.com/forums/f_7/m32863.html By: GV² Support

New option availavle for forum managers - change forum interface colour.

The chosen colour will be visible to:

  • The forum's manager
  • Unregistered guests
  • Registered users that are using the system's default colour.
Registered users who are not the the manager of the forum they're browsing, and that have chosen to use colour other than the system defult, will see everything in their chosen colour.
<![CDATA[New feature - personal colour]]> http://www.gvsquare.com/forums/f_7/m31833.html By: GV² Support

New option in the user settings page - change of user interface's colour.

Registered users can get the interface in the colour of their choice.

<![CDATA[New feature - Google analytics support]]> http://www.gvsquare.com/forums/f_7/m21549.html By: GV² Support

New feature so support integration with Google analytics

On the forum parameters panel, there's a new field for the Google-Analytics ID.

In the settings page of the analytic interface, you'll see a unique string, most of the times in the format of
Copy this string to the analytics field in the forum parameters panel, and the analytics javascript will be added to the forum pages HTML code. 

<![CDATA[New feature - SPAM handling]]> http://www.gvsquare.com/forums/f_7/m4743.html By: GV² Support

New feature to fight spam messages

When unregistered guest is posting a message, if the message has too many SPAM feature, it would be automatically deleted. The menager/moderator is able to restore deleted message (like any deleted message).

If such message has some SPAM fratures but not conclusive to determine that the message is SPAM, it will be posgted as "waiting for approval", and a manager/moderator needs to approve/decline it.

The important difference between the two, is that if a manager trust the filtering algorithm, less attention he needs to put on messages automatically marked as "deleted".

<![CDATA[Amending a published post]]> http://www.gvsquare.com/forums/f_7/m606.html By: GV² Support

At this point there's no such option. We're aware of that need but contemplating on how to implement it in a way that will not allow trolls abusing the system (for example by publishing flaming posts and eliminating the evidences  by amending it afterward).

The options we consider:

  • Allowing only forum manager to edit published posts (manager's posts only)
  • Allowing forum manager to determine if a certain trusted user (or all users) can edit their posts
  • Allowing users to edit/delete posts only as long as there's no response to the post
We also considering adding a visual indication (asterisk for example) to indicate that the post has been amended.
If you have other suggestions how to restrict post editing in a way that on one hand won't allow abusing and at the same time will be efficient to the users, please share it with us.
in the meanwhile, if you want to correct mistakes in posts you published in a forum you manage, you may delete the post in question, and publish a new one.

<![CDATA[how to modify a post ?]]> http://www.gvsquare.com/forums/f_7/m605.html By: NYE - YourElectrologist



Could you please point to where the modification to posts can be made?

e.g. If you made a mistake in a post or response, how would you correct it?


<![CDATA[rwrwe]]> http://www.gvsquare.com/forums/f_7/m38.html By: GV² Support


<![CDATA[How to start a new forum?]]> http://www.gvsquare.com/forums/f_7/m17.html By: GV² Support

In order to start a discussion forum of your own, first you need to be registered and signed in to the system.

When signed in, go to your "setting" page, where you can see the "Create a new forum" section.

Choose a descriptive name to your new forum and hit the "Create" button.

Later on you may change the name of the forum to any valid name, that is not already taken.

After creating the new forum, you can apply for an account with Google AdSense. When the AdSense account is approved, you may enter the AdSense ID in the forum's admin interface. By doing so, half of the ads on your forum will be connected to your AdSense account, earning you money for the traffic in your forum. The more traffic you attract to the forum, the more money you can make.

If you already have an AdSense account, you do not need to apply for a new account with Adsense.

<![CDATA[The forum IS the website]]> http://www.gvsquare.com/forums/f_7/m16.html By: GV² Support

When you start a new forum, you can use it's URL for the registration form of AdSense.

NOTE: When you submit the application to AdSense, they check what your site is about and if the content complies with AdSense TOS. So if the forum is not yet active and no real discussions going on, they might reject your application.

You can apply 2nd time when the forum is more active, but the better advise will be to wait with the application until you have few pages of discussions before you apply.

Good luck!

<![CDATA[Can anyone enroll to adsense?]]> http://www.gvsquare.com/forums/f_7/m15.html By: Kitty (^_^)*

In the registration form they ask for a website URL.

What's the deal? I don't have a website, does it mean that I wouldn't be able to start a forum and earn money with adsense?

<![CDATA[Revenue sharing, how it works?]]> http://www.gvsquare.com/forums/f_7/m14.html By: GV² Support

One of the important features of the discussion forums of GV2 is that those who choose to start a discussion forum will earn money from the traffic on the forum under their management, via Google AdSense.

After creating the new discussion forum, apply for account with Google AdSense and enter your new ID in the forum administration interface.

From that moment on, half of the ads presented on your forum will be linked to your Google AdSense account, and the manager of the forum will earn the money generated by those ads.

<![CDATA[Greetings for the new forum!]]> http://www.gvsquare.com/forums/f_7/m13.html By: GV²
New forum created!

We wish you an enjoyable use of the system.]]>