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I have excess facial hair, and am getting it treated with electrolysis. I normally get a 90 minutes session every week, but that's never sufficient for my face & neck, and there's always some hair left untreated every week. The lady treating my face, today suggested that, I could have my 90 minute session, & then she can wax away the remaining untreated hair, so that I have a clear face for the rest of the week. Is that preferable? To get waxing done, while being treated with electrolysis? Will it affect the hair growth in any way, or even hamper the permanent destruction of the hair? Will it end up zeroing the effects of electrolysis? Kindly suggest. I'm highly concerned & worried.

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Hi Rachelle and thank you for your inquiry.


I understand your concern regarding side effects, and from the subject of your post, I assume your most concern is especially  about the dark spots AKA hyperpigmentation.  Such an effect is caused by over-stimulating the pigments cells (melanocytes) at the lower level of the epidermis, the outer layer of the skin. This could happen when a poor insertion is made in the follicle and also if the treated area gets exposed to light 24-48 hours immediately following the session. To avoid that, make sure you visit a professional, licensed and experienced electrologist (posted in my blog -  "how to choose Your Electrologist" :http://www.yourelectrologist.com/blog/index.php?entry=entry100929-145804 ).

Also, apply sun screen to the treated area for the 2 days following the treatment (if exposed, such as face etc.)

If the treatment (insertion, intensity settings, modality chosen, sterilization and hygiene methods applied) is performed properly, no side effects should occur and the results will be to your satisfaction Smile.

I hope I answered your question. Please do no hesitate to continue the thread whether you have more doubts.


All the best,


NYE - Your Electrologist


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I want to remove my upper lip hair (it is not coarse, mostly peach fuzz) but I'm concerned about side effects.  Could you please explain to me the side effects of electrolysis?  Thank you in advance.


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Hi Adam,


Thank you for your question. In fact, this is one of the most frequently asked ones. 

There is no one correct and accurate answer, and whoever tells you otherwise misleads you.

The length of the treatment depends on the amount of hairs in the area desired to be cleared and the methods previously used to removed them. Also, heritance plays an important role in here as well as age, gender, hormonal status and medication taken.  As you understand by now, the length of the treatment varies from one individual to another.

One thing for sure though - as much as  this is not a short term treatment, it is the ONLY FDA approved method for permanently removing hairs and is safe for all skin types and colors (e.g. dark skin) and effective on all hair textures and shades (e.g. grey/blond hairs).

As a rule of thumb, a man's beard will take anywhere between 100-300 hours to be completely removed. It takes about 30 hours for the first clearance and an average of 10 clearances to complete the treatment.

Please keep in mind that the amount of hairs and the length of the session will decrease each time as well as the time intervals between each sessions will increase

Of course, the proficiency of the electrologist you choose plays a tremendous part in the success and speed of your treatment to the desired result: smooth and hairless skin ... Laughing

Please read my post in my blog about how to choose the right electrologist:



I hope I answered your question to your satisfaction, Adam. Please feel free to ask any question on your mind, it is a pleasure to provide information.


Good luck and all the best,


NYE - Your Electrologist



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I got tired of shaving and never be smooth as I would want to, so I was thinking of permanently removing my facial hair.  A friend had suggested to go for electrolysis treatment.  As you understand, I have no experience.  I DID read a little bit on the web though.  Could you please tell me how long will it take to completely get rid of my beard and mustache?

Thank you for your time,



<![CDATA[Electrolysis hair removal is permanent]]> http://www.gvsquare.com/forums/f_20/m636.html By: NYE - YourElectrologist

Hi Cindy,

If the procedure is performed properly, and you have completed all of the sessions needed for your treatment (the number of sessions vary by individuals and is based on your genes, ages, gender, hormonal status, medication taken and more), the hair removed by electrolysis is permanently vanished and will not re-grow. During certain phases of life, when hormonal changes occur, new hairs might be stimulated to grow but if you treat them as soon as they 'pop out' are not tempted to temporarily remove them, the number of session is reduce significantly. In any case and by all means, ELECYTROLYSIS is the ONLY proven method for PERMANENTLY removing hair, from any part of the body.



NYE - Your Electrolysis



<![CDATA[For how long is it good for?]]> http://www.gvsquare.com/forums/f_20/m635.html By: Cindy Wong*

When having facial hair removal of, does it come back after a while?

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Electrolysis has been around for over 125 years, and in all that time there haven't been any reported cases of harmful effects related to pregnancy, so if you want to get rid of unwanted hair during your pregnancy, there are no known risks.
But - if you've only noticed you're hairier than usual since you got pregnant, I recommend to be patient and wait until after your baby is born to permanently remove that hair.
That excess hair is caused by higher levels of hormones during pregnancy and will probably go away on its own after delivery.
Even if you had excess hair before you got pregnant, to be on the safe side, you may want to wait until after your baby is born to have electrolysis done on your abdomen, bikini area, or chest - but all other areas are safe for that purpose.


Enjoy your pregnancy and have an easy delivery !! Smile




Nathalie - Your Electrologist


<![CDATA[Is electrolysis safe during pregnancy?]]> http://www.gvsquare.com/forums/f_20/m616.html By: HonekyMonkey*

Hi Nathalie,


I am pregnant and want to get done my underarms. Is their any side effects of electrolysis during pregnancy or after on baby.


I should get it done now or i should wait.


Thanks for your advise in advance.

<![CDATA[The right electrologist]]> http://www.gvsquare.com/forums/f_20/m615.html By: NYE - YourElectrologist

Hi Daniel,

Please read my article about choosing the right electrolgist, posted on my blog:



I describe the process of choosing your electrologist there, and in the article:


I explain about electrolysis hair removal.


In fact, you also might  want to read the article about permanent hair removal for men:



Please let me know if you have additional questions, I will be happy to assist.


All the best,


NYE - Nathalie Your Electrologist




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Hello ~


I've been shaving my chest for years and I'm tired of it and want to permanently remove it and heard of the electrolysis method.  Where can I get information about it and how do I know where to go?

Appreciate your help.


Daniel M.





<![CDATA[Welcome !]]> http://www.gvsquare.com/forums/f_20/m604.html By: NYE - YourElectrologist

Welcome to NYE's Forum: Permanent Hair Removal By Electrolysis

In my forum you could ask, answer and read questions and answers posted by other forum members as well as myself.

I will answer any question as promptly as possible. Enjoy !!!

Yours, Nathalie - Your Electrologist Smile

<![CDATA[Brazilian]]> http://www.gvsquare.com/forums/f_20/m603.html By: NYE - YourElectrologist

Dear Sarah,

It is Nice you want a brazilian, I also think it is beautiful ... Wink , as for the pain - you might want to try first without any numbing cream and see how it goes.  Many of my clients who do that don't need numbing, but if you know already that your pain tolerance is low, start with numbing cream and after a few session your body will get used to the sensation and you will be able to go without.

Good luck and enjoy your brazilian !


<![CDATA[Brazilian Bikini]]> http://www.gvsquare.com/forums/f_20/m602.html By: Sarah*

Hello NYE.

I am considering to have a Brazilian, and wanted to know if I will need any sort of numbing for that or perhaps it is not so painful?

Thank you for your reply.



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