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You can call me on my Skype number odedambar2377

or my cell 972523784638

or please send me your number

<![CDATA[Thank you!]]> http://www.gvsquare.com/forums/f_12/m1208.html By: Shane*

Shalom Oded,

I just wanted to personally thank you again for the wonderful tour! I know it was only a short time that we had to spend together last month in Jerusalem, but I can't wait to return to Israel for a more in depth look. You made such incredible accommodations in such short notice. Your insight and good conversation was great for a weary traveler! Thank you so much!



<![CDATA[GPS for ISRAEL]]> http://www.gvsquare.com/forums/f_12/m646.html By: Oded guide

Ricardo Shalom,


The most popular GPS program in Israel is IGO you must see if it's possible to install it in The GPS you buy.


If you have an iPhone Waze is a free great GPS application, I use it since I have my iPhone.


I have A very good GPS that I’m no longer using I will be happy to rent it to you for symbolic price.


If you use my service as a tour guide for at list 3 days you'll get the GPS for free for the time you are on your own.


Thank you so mach

Oded Ambar

Skype: odedambar2377

Viber: 972 52 3784638

<![CDATA[GPS for Israel]]> http://www.gvsquare.com/forums/f_12/m645.html By: Ricardo (Atlanta)*

Hi there!

I planning on renting a car in Israel for 2 weeks in the spring. Renting a GPS with the car will cost me more than a new GPS, so I want to buy one.

Does anyone here have a recommendation for a good GPS for Israel.  Must have English interface, of course...


Thank you all!

Ricardo (Atlanta)

<![CDATA[I'll be happy to assist]]> http://www.gvsquare.com/forums/f_12/m613.html By: Oded guide

Please send me your e mail so i can send itinerarys.




<![CDATA[Personal iternary]]> http://www.gvsquare.com/forums/f_12/m612.html By: Shmulik

I'm sure Oded would love to assist on that, and suggest you lovely itineraries that will match your personal preferences, but you'll have to leave an email address for Oded to answer back, or address him directly by his email: oded@israeltour4u.com

<![CDATA[Tour from RSA]]> http://www.gvsquare.com/forums/f_12/m611.html By: JC Is L*

Hi Any tours from Rep South Africa to Isreal. Can U Maybe help us with an iternary ??


<![CDATA[Thank you for the]]> http://www.gvsquare.com/forums/f_12/m610.html By: Pamela*

reply Oded, the other question i have is, in case I choose to arrive around April, is there any major holidays at this time of the year and may they inturruped in any way to the trip, I realize Easter for instanse is around April, will it be more busy in sites that are holy to Christians? what about Jewish holidays? will stores be closed due to a high holiday at this time of the year?Undecided

<![CDATA[Good time to visit Israel]]> http://www.gvsquare.com/forums/f_12/m608.html By: Oded guide

Pamela shalom,

I think the best for you is to com on February or March. It is the end of rainy season and not to hot yet. Flowers are in bloom and fields are green. In this time of the year   you can get good hotel rates. Recommend you to have a look on www.israeltour4u.com

For moor information concerning visiting Israel. If you need moor details I'll be happy to assist.   


<![CDATA[From Canada to Israel]]> http://www.gvsquare.com/forums/f_12/m607.html By: Pamela*

Hello Oded

My name is Pamela Fox and I'm from London Ontario, my husband and myself planning a trip to Israel in the year 2011, was wondering when will be the best time to come to IsraelCool, we rather come when it's so cold here in Canada(October -March), how is the Israeli winter ?


<![CDATA[Thank you and happy hanuka!]]> http://www.gvsquare.com/forums/f_12/m582.html By: Manfred*

I know it's the last day of Hanuka... but not too late, is it?


<![CDATA[Israel bird's migration]]> http://www.gvsquare.com/forums/f_12/m537.html By: Oded guide


Millions of birds migrate throw Israel twice a year.

March April after winter from Africa to Europe.

September October after summer from Europe to Africa.

This is best time to see them in the

Hula valley.


<![CDATA[Birds watching]]> http://www.gvsquare.com/forums/f_12/m536.html By: Manfred*

Good morning!

When is it best to come to the "Hula" to watch the big birds migrating? (Pelicans, storks etc')

Thanks you!

<![CDATA[Free tours???]]> http://www.gvsquare.com/forums/f_12/m275.html By: Diego*

WOW! This is new to me. Thanks!

I'll try to find more information about this on the net.

Thanks again! This forum has been a tremendous help for me! 

<![CDATA[Free tours]]> http://www.gvsquare.com/forums/f_12/m272.html By: Oded guide

You are absolutely writ for not using unauthorized tour guide. At the Jaffa gate you can have a free tour in the old city. The tour   guides are government licensed. They do  A good job and expecting to get A tip.

I do only private tours.

<![CDATA[Tour guide for few hours]]> http://www.gvsquare.com/forums/f_12/m271.html By: Diego*

Hi there,


I want to hire a tour guide services only for a few hours in the old city of Jerusalem.

Next to the tourists information centre there are always these guys offering their services, but from what I understand they are not authorised guides. I've been to Jerusalem several times and I always see them there...

So, how can I find a guide that is authorised and will agree to guide us just for 2-3 hours? (All the Via Dolorosa and Holy Sepulchre)

Thanks! Laughing

<![CDATA[Tour guide]]> http://www.gvsquare.com/forums/f_12/m225.html By: Oded guide

I you neen A tour guie let me know.


<![CDATA[TODA!]]> http://www.gvsquare.com/forums/f_12/m223.html By: Anna+Albert*

Can't wait for our visit! Wonderful place!

Wish we could come twice a year...

<![CDATA[ Budget accomodation]]> http://www.gvsquare.com/forums/f_12/m205.html By: Oded guide







I hope this  will help.

Thanks, Oded

<![CDATA[Budget accomodation]]> http://www.gvsquare.com/forums/f_12/m203.html By: Anna+Albert*

Shalom from Denmark!

We're planning on coming for the Dead-Sea this winter.

Our travel agent is connected only to the big hotels there, but can't tell us about more "economic" places to stay.

Do you know what options we have if we want to stay in a youth hostel or something like that?

We don't need anything fancy. We just need private bathroom and access to the water (even by short bus ride, as long as it is active on Shabbat as well)

We're visiting Israel every other year, in the Dead-Sea mainly. If we can find a cheap place to stay we could come even every year!

Toda raba!

<![CDATA[Thank you!]]> http://www.gvsquare.com/forums/f_12/m178.html By: Martin*
<![CDATA[Kibbutz Volunteers ]]> http://www.gvsquare.com/forums/f_12/m175.html By: Oded guide





If you did it in the past you must know what a wonderful experience it is. To get to know Israel and the nice people living in the kibbutz. I wish you  A great time. 

<![CDATA[Stay in kibbutz?]]> http://www.gvsquare.com/forums/f_12/m174.html By: Martin*

Long ago (in the 70's) I was volunteering in a kibutz (Sdot-Yam), and now my nephew is interested.

Is this program still available? Where should we find out how it's done these days? Is there a website for that program?

Thank you! I really miss Israel...


<![CDATA[ Bethlehem]]> http://www.gvsquare.com/forums/f_12/m163.html By: Oded guide

An Israeli tour guide is not permuted to cross the check point to Bethlehem.  He can drive your guests to there and arrange summoned on the other said to meet with them and guide in the city.

There isn't mach to do in Bethlehem for a full day; I recommend to do tow hours there and the rast of the time in Jerusalem. Thanks.  

<![CDATA[Question on behalf of my gusts]]> http://www.gvsquare.com/forums/f_12/m162.html By: שפריר*

We have guests in our company, and next weekend they would like to visit Bethlehem.

Is it possible for them to hire an Israeli Tour-Guide and to go with him to visit the holy places there?

What is the common practice when tourists in Israel wishes to spend a day in Bethlehem?



<![CDATA[Good luck with the new forum]]> http://www.gvsquare.com/forums/f_12/m154.html By: כרמית*

Wink Have nothing to ask....but good luck anyway, I'll pass it onKiss

<![CDATA[Jerusalem first]]> http://www.gvsquare.com/forums/f_12/m151.html By: Oded guide

Jerusalem of course. In the early days of the trip travelers are still full of energy and power.

Jerusalem has  to  many important details to study to mach history. Would be a shame to reach the city tired after  days of traveling. It is recommended to leave Tel Aviv for the end. Tel Aviv has great beaches, shopping centers, instatements. That is the best place to relax and get daddy for the flight home.   


<![CDATA[Tel Aviv or Jerusalem?]]> http://www.gvsquare.com/forums/f_12/m150.html By: Mark Green*

LaughingWhere would you recommend starting a tour to Israel, Jerusalem or Tel Aviv?

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New forum created!

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