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Amending a published post

GV² Support
2010-12-10 20:16

At this point there's no such option. We're aware of that need but contemplating on how to implement it in a way that will not allow trolls abusing the system (for example by publishing flaming posts and eliminating the evidences  by amending it afterward).

The options we consider:

  • Allowing only forum manager to edit published posts (manager's posts only)
  • Allowing forum manager to determine if a certain trusted user (or all users) can edit their posts
  • Allowing users to edit/delete posts only as long as there's no response to the post
We also considering adding a visual indication (asterisk for example) to indicate that the post has been amended.
If you have other suggestions how to restrict post editing in a way that on one hand won't allow abusing and at the same time will be efficient to the users, please share it with us.
in the meanwhile, if you want to correct mistakes in posts you published in a forum you manage, you may delete the post in question, and publish a new one.

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