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Israeli Kosher Cuisine

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Key for the dishes description: [D] - Dairy, contains ingredients of dairy source. [M] - Meat, contains ingredients of meat/chicken source.
[P] - Parve, contains no dairy or meet ingredients. [Po] - Kosher for Passover

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Semolina Cake

2012-02-06 15:29

Semolina Cake




1 cup sugar

1 cup coconut

1 cup flour

1.5 cups semolina

2 bags of baking powder

1.5 orange juice (preferably fresh)

1 cup oil

6 eggs



2 cups sugar

2.5 cups of water

(I've cut down a little amount of syrup ....)




Mix in a bowl: sugar, flour, coconut, and flour. Add the baking powder and stir.

Gradually add while mixing in a mixer: orange juice, eggs and oil. Mix until blended.


Pour in 3 greased loaf pan and bake in oven preheated to 180 for half an hour. (The cake is ready just in half an hour)


Meanwhile, cook the sugar with water over medium heat about 20 minutes until the syrup becomes slightly thick

Pour the syrup over the cake while still warm

Semolina CakeSemolina Cake
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