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Israeli Kosher Cuisine

Managed by Yael

Key for the dishes description: [D] - Dairy, contains ingredients of dairy source. [M] - Meat, contains ingredients of meat/chicken source.
[P] - Parve, contains no dairy or meet ingredients. [Po] - Kosher for Passover

Dates spread cookiesmalabi (d)Orange vegetable soupA beef pot with wild mushrooms and celeryKhreime- Moroccan Fish



2012-02-06 15:14

I cook it all together and it's not too soft

But you can cook it a shorter cooking

Try adding  Jerusalem artichoke to the cholent 

It's delicious!

[] Meatballs basic recipe  Yael   2012-02-06 14:51 
[] Chicken stew with Jerusalem artichoke  Yael   2012-01-19 22:15 
   [] Do you cook the chicken and the J.A.  Zanga Zanga   2012-01-20 08:22 
      []  J.A  Yael   2012-02-06 15:14 
[] Green lentil stew with vegetables  Yael   2012-01-18 20:52 
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