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Israeli Kosher Cuisine

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Key for the dishes description: [D] - Dairy, contains ingredients of dairy source. [M] - Meat, contains ingredients of meat/chicken source.
[P] - Parve, contains no dairy or meet ingredients. [Po] - Kosher for Passover

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Pastilla - Phyllo wrapped chicken (M)

2011-09-21 18:34

Pastilla  (phyllo dough filled with chicken breast) 


2  Chicken breasts

2 onions

Chopped parsley

Chopped cilantro

Toasted almonds coarsely chopped

White raisins



Tablespoon sugar



Phyllo dough




Cook the chicken breasts in water with turmeric, pepper and salt about 20 minutes


After cooking cut into cubes and crumble a bit


Fry onions


Add the chopped chiken and mix all ingredients


 oil a baking pan, rub phyllo leaves with olive oil and put a part of the dough out of the pan to cover the filling on top.


Put the stuffing and  fold the rest of the dough on it. Then put another leaf or two of phyllo on top and fold them down. Rub olive oil on top and palce in oven at 180 for about an huor until the dough browns


Disperse powdered sugar on top.



 Pastilla - Phyllo wrapped chicken (M) Pastilla - Phyllo wrapped chicken (M) Pastilla - Phyllo wrapped chicken (M) Pastilla - Phyllo wrapped chicken (M)
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