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Israeli Kosher Cuisine

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Key for the dishes description: [D] - Dairy, contains ingredients of dairy source. [M] - Meat, contains ingredients of meat/chicken source.
[P] - Parve, contains no dairy or meet ingredients. [Po] - Kosher for Passover

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Baked chicken nuggets [M]

2011-09-13 08:01

Baked chicken nuggets


A pound of chicken breast , diced



Lemon juice

Tablespoon soy sauce

2 teaspoons sweet chili

Tablespoon olive oil


Plate A:

2 eggs

Teaspoon paprika

Ground black pepper



Plate B:


Wooden skewers


1.Mix the marinade ingredients add the chicken breasts and soak for several hours.


2. Mix eggs and spices and dip the chicken breasts. in the second plate deep chicken breast in breadcrumbs and impaled on skewers.


3. Pad greased baking paper , arrange the skewers sprinkle olive oil on the skewers, place in oven preheated over medium heat about 10 - 15 minutes each side or until golden brown, sprinkle witholive oil make again. Take care not to dry the chest.




Baked chicken nuggets [M]Baked chicken nuggets [M]Baked chicken nuggets [M]
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