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BBQ Zebra

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Welcome to BBQ Zebra

BBQ Zebra
2011-05-14 00:48

Many a times we see a misplaced item in a supermarket, department store or just an out of context object that are laying somewhere.

Here, from time to time, I will post photos of such items, and you are invited to do so as well.

The title "BBQ Zebra" is after the first photo.

Have fun!

Welcome to BBQ ZebraWelcome to BBQ ZebraWelcome to BBQ Zebra
[] Easter chick on top of cream cake  BBQ Zebra   2011-05-20 03:15 
[♥♥]  Welcome to BBQ Zebra  BBQ Zebra   2011-05-14 00:48 
[] Greetings for the new forum!  GV²   2011-05-13 23:11 
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