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Walmart USA online payment

B.C. Consumer
2011-11-20 05:53

When placing an online order at Walmart U.S. website, it will not allow to put address outside the U.S. as a credit card address (must pick from U.S. states only).

Yea, I'll pick it up myself from the store at Bellingham WA, but I want to pay with my Canadian credit card and fill my Canadian address in the payee information.

I was told that it might be that it might be that Walmart U.S. don't want to compete with the Canadian sister-chain, but:

  1. What about potential European shoppers with their European credit card and European address?
  2. What is the point in limiting the credit card address if I can pay for my shopping using my paypal account (which is connected to my Canadian credit card...)
  3. The item I wanted to buy is one not sold in Walmart Canada (adults tricycles), so what gives?

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