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WIND Mobile won't stand by you for service

B.C. Consumer
2011-07-31 22:41

WIND mobile is selling phones in their stores, but they won't ask the manufacturer to give better service for their customers.

I've bought an Alcatel OT-981a last December. It came with Android 2.1 on it.

Google issued several versions since, but Alcatel never certified any of them.

WIND do not consider themselves as part of this cycle. All they do is pointing at Alcatel:

Although you bought the phone from us, WIND does not manufacture any Android updates. As deke and Fou have mentioned, the update must come from Alcatel. If the update is ever released, we will certainly provide you with the link.

WIND could have easily tell Alcatel that they insist on better service for phone marketed by them, saying that bad service for equipment sold by WIND is damaging WIND's reputation. They could even have required a commitment for updates when they agreed to sell Alcatel in the first place.

But no, WIND is not standing behind what they sell. I guess they don't really care if I buy the next phone from them.

My advice - DO NOT BUY PHONES FROM WIND, they don't care about you after you left the store.

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