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Paying Telus bill

B.C. Consumer
2011-06-09 01:42

In order to pay a Telus bill, you actually have to set up an online account!

Why? What is so wrong with a secure online form? Why do I have to go through this registration process? Don't you want my money in the fastest way?

What if I want to pay the bill for someone else? Do I have to give that other person my credit card number? Or do that other person has to gice me his login credentials?

18:23:51 :  Welcome! Thank you for using TELUS Chat Support, please be advised that your chat session will be recorded to ensure a quality customer experience.
18:23:51 : S*: Initial Question/Comment: How do I pay my bill online? Can't login.
18:24:01 :   Estimated wait time is 0 hours 0 minutes 6 seconds
5 minutes later... they expect the customer to stare at the chat window for 5 minutes... so I did.
18:29:16 :  Edsel has joined this session!
18:29:16 :  Connected with Edsel. Your reference number for this chat session is 419546.
18:29:26 : Edsel: Thank you for choosing TELUS and welcome to the TELUS Support Centre. My name is Edsel and I am here to help you today. May I have your phone or account number?
18:30:38 : S*: 6*, but how is going to help? I need general instructions about paying the bill
18:30:48 : S*: I want to use CC and to do it online.
18:31:26 : Edsel: May I have the last 3 digits of your driver's license number for security purposes?
18:32:27 : S*: No. I want the GENERAL INSTRUCTIONS about paying the bill online. Regardless of my credentials.
18:32:43 : S*: Lets assume I want to pay my nephew's bill...
18:33:26 : Edsel: Before i could provide you some information I need to verify your account for security purposes.
18:33:31 : S*: I don't want to ask him his credentials. Can't I pay that bill online without all these details? Don't you want my money and that's it?
18:34:01 : S*: I want to give you money. All you need to verify is that the credit card is valid.
18:34:26 : S*: Can't I pay the bill for my nephew without being Telus' customer myself???
18:34:30 : S*: Strange.
18:35:50 : Edsel: No you should be authorized to do that.
18:36:06 : S*: Strange. Very very strange.
18:36:12 : S*: Thank you, I guess...
18:39:46 : Edsel: Thank you for using the TELUS Support Centre Chat. Have a great evening.
18:39:46 :  Edsel has left this session!
18:39:46 :  The session has ended!

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