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Nokia people - what is wrong with you?

B.C. Consumer
2011-04-13 17:18

My first cellphone, in 1996, was a 2120 Nokia, later known as "the brick". At the time it was much more advanced than the available Motorola and Ericsson.

Beside a short period, when my employer gave me a samsung, my phones were always Nokia. Such a beutiful human interface... everything right where I expected it to be.

I had 5120, 6210, 6310, N-Gage and many many others. As I worked for a cellular operator, I had access to all the newest handsets and participated in many pilots for new phones. When a pilot for a non Nokia was announced, I passed. Not a Nokia? No thanks.

Once I was tempted to participate in a 4 weeks pilot for Siemens. "It is really something else, you should try it". I was lured into that pilot only to leave it after 3 days. I loved Nokia!

About a year ago I won 2 iPhones. I opened one of them and tried it. Everybody had iPhone and they can't be all wrong. Well... they can! I sold the iPhones and went back to good old 3100 faithful Nokia.

A few months ago I decided to join "wind mobile" on the new year's promotion. Mainly due to the pricing policy they introduced. The phones selection for their network is very limited, but I knew they have several Nokia devices there so it was OK with me.

At the shop I tried an Android device, and it was a love of first sight! I love all Google products. They seem to have such a profound understanding about human interface... I love everything they do.

The Android itself is perfect for me. The hardware... well... I was fantasizing about a marriage between Nokia's hardware and the Android. What a beautiful kid they could have!

Alas! Recently Nokia announced that their smartphones will use MS Windows mobile! Windows mobile!!!

Are you nuts over there in Finland? Windows mobile??? What is wrong with you? Is it the winter darkness that made you wish for a collective suicide??? Don't you know that windows mobile is declining? There's a reason for that! This mobile O/S S-U-C-K-S!!!

Now there's no chance at all that I will even consider returning to Nokia. Unless they anounce one day that they start installing Android on their phones, no chance I buy Nokia again. And Nokia with windows mobile - not even if I'm paid for trying it.

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