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Firebug as a dedugging tool

SELA Canada
2011-12-16 18:45

Firebug as a dedugging tool

Things that are inevitable in Software Development are bug, bugs, more bugs and Java Script is no exceptions to this rules.
QA/ Testers and developers need tools to help them locate these bugs, and such tool would be Firebug. In very short time, this has become popular among Testers/ QA's and Java Scripts development communities. Firebug is free, open source project and works as plug- ins for firefox browser. This tool was created by Joe Hewitt, co- founder of firefox browser.

Firebug is a debugger in the traditional sense. It lets you pause program execution, step through code line by line, and access the state of variables at any time. It can also examine entire DOM(HTML and CSS), view built-in browser details and easily inspect anything on the page simply by clicking on it. It also includes powerful tool to monitor network traffic. All these goodies are placed within this compact interface.
One of its functionality that amazes me is that, it can identify every single objects on the webpage with useful information like size of the objects and time to load each objects. It also displays the url's and previews of the objects.

Firebug not only lets find and fix the bug in the code, it is also a suitable tool for exploration of web applications. It can help to discove how development teams Java Script works. Exploring others application can be powerful educational experience.

Source: getfirebug.com

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