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Keynote on "Testing in Agile Team Environment

SELA Canada
2013-09-16 21:06

Keynote on "Testing in Agile Team Environment"

The Canadian ISTQB User Group is a totally volunteer-run organization that prides itself on bringing the most interesting topics for Software Testers across Canada. Upon request by the Director of Sela Canada Mr. Eran Barlev to be a keynote speaker. I was privileged and   honored and humbly agreed to do a presentation on the hot trend topic in the Software Testing field. I was excited to share my experience on Agile Testing in Agile team environment, for following reason:

"As more and more organizations are adopting to Agile approach from traditional Waterfall approach, it has become very important to understand how Agile team works and delivers together in a shorter sprint cycle with customer and quality in mind. The International Software Testing and Qualifications board (ISTQB) also understands the significance of the Agile approach and are working towards implementing Agile Examination to certify as Certified Agile Tester."
There were about 70 software testing professionals attending my keynote session. The audience were active participants and were engaged with me throughout the session. I received great feedback and some requested to even organize another session on Advanced Agile.

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