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An evening with the Software Testing Experts sponsored

SELA Canada
2012-09-30 04:25

An evening with the Software Testing Experts sponsored by Sela Canada and Microsoft Canada

Sela Canada, an ISTQB accredited training provider and Microsoft Canada sponsored an open event  at Microsoft headquarters in Mississauga, ON. This event  featured " Requirements-Based Testing including Cause-Effect Graphing" by Gary Mogyorodi, President of The Canadian Software Testing Board .
I, as an Executive CSTB Board Member and Raymond Rivest, Senior Advisor at CRIM were present in the Expert panel. I presented the benefits and importance of the ISTQB and CSTB certification and also introduced CSTB social media activities to about 100 audiences. This event was also telecasted live on www.istbbcourses.ca.
Eran Barlev, Director of Sela Canada and Jody Mooney, Executive CSTB Board Member also participated in this event.
This event covered following topics:
  • The 12 point Requirements-Based Testing (RBT) process.
  • How the RBT process stabilizes the completeness of the specifications early in the development    process.
  • The two components of RBT, Verification and Validation including a verification technique called Ambiguity Reviews to drive out ambiguities from requirements.
  • Tools to translate Cause-Effect Graphs into logical test cases and evaluate previously existing test libraries to cover the problem description. 
  • Gaining perspective of this calibre will help you be an indispensable resource in the software testing process

For more information and pictures, please visit  http://www.istqbcourses.ca/2012-mar.html

[] ISTQB® Software testing certifications exceed  SELA Canada   2012-11-25 21:27 
[]  An evening with the Software Testing Experts sponsored  SELA Canada   2012-09-30 04:25 
[] ISTQB® Software testing certifications exceed 200,000  SELA Canada   2012-09-30 04:25 
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