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How long it takes ...

NYE - YourElectrologist
2011-01-11 16:19

Hi Adam,


Thank you for your question. In fact, this is one of the most frequently asked ones. 

There is no one correct and accurate answer, and whoever tells you otherwise misleads you.

The length of the treatment depends on the amount of hairs in the area desired to be cleared and the methods previously used to removed them. Also, heritance plays an important role in here as well as age, gender, hormonal status and medication taken.  As you understand by now, the length of the treatment varies from one individual to another.

One thing for sure though - as much as  this is not a short term treatment, it is the ONLY FDA approved method for permanently removing hairs and is safe for all skin types and colors (e.g. dark skin) and effective on all hair textures and shades (e.g. grey/blond hairs).

As a rule of thumb, a man's beard will take anywhere between 100-300 hours to be completely removed. It takes about 30 hours for the first clearance and an average of 10 clearances to complete the treatment.

Please keep in mind that the amount of hairs and the length of the session will decrease each time as well as the time intervals between each sessions will increase

Of course, the proficiency of the electrologist you choose plays a tremendous part in the success and speed of your treatment to the desired result: smooth and hairless skin ... Laughing

Please read my post in my blog about how to choose the right electrologist:



I hope I answered your question to your satisfaction, Adam. Please feel free to ask any question on your mind, it is a pleasure to provide information.


Good luck and all the best,


NYE - Your Electrologist



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