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Terms of use, end user license agreement, disclaimer and limitation of liability

The terms of use in the system are available in English only. Use of the system is subject to reading the terms as they appear in English, accepting them, and accepting any change that will be introduced to the English version from time to time and without need to give notice. Should the user have any reservations from the terms as they appear in the English terms, the user is free not to use the system. The usage of the system, at any given moment, means that the user has re-approved the validity of the terms and EULA, as they appear in English.

End User License Agreement (EULA) and Disclaimer

All users should read and agree to comply with this document as a condition to their use in the system.


The system: All the servers, the data stored on them, the application running on the servers and it's users.

Forum owner: The supreme manager and founder of the forum.

Forum moderator: A person to whom special permissions has been granted by the forum owner in order to delete or undelete content, approve or deny content that is pending for authorization and grant or deny writing permissions from gusts and non privileged users.

Forum expert: A person to whom special status has been granted by the forum owner in order to have a distinct mark when publishing a message in the forum.

User: All entities using the system without distinction if for reading only or for writing as well, including web-crawlers.

Nickname: A registered name, assigned to a user in the system.

Guest writer: A person who publishes content under no designated nickname.

Privileged user: Forum owner, forum expert and forum moderator, in the areas where their privileges are affective.

Non privileged users: Users who operates in areas where they do not have special privileges.

Content: Any information in any language that a user has submitted to the system.

Law: Any law, convention or regulation that is valid in the country where the content was submitted from or where the service is activated from, including copyright laws.

Terms of use

By using the system, the user agrees to:

  1. Not to be registered by more than one account.
  2. Be aware of the fact that the user's IP address is recorded in the system for legal purposes whenever content is submitted.
  3. Not to violate any law that applies to the system or it's other users.
  4. Be aware of the fact that none of the content published in the system is a valid advice, and the user is responsible to verify any advice or piece of information with a certified professional before acting according to any content or information on the system.
  5. Be the sole responsible entity to any forum
  6. Accept the forum owner as the supreme entity for any dispute related to conducting the relevant forum.
  7. Be aware of the fact that this document (EULA) is changing from time to time, and to comply with it.
  8. Act according to the version of the document that is valid at the moment of the user's usage of the system.
  9. Be aware of the fact that even even though this document exist in many languages, the English version only obligatory version of this agreement.
  10. Be aware of the fact that the system is provided "as-is", without guaranteed uptime, support, grade of service, data integrity, content accuracy or any other commitment form GVsquare.